Features of Appilix

Feature that makes Appilix the most powerful and easy to use Web to Mobile App Converter. It's not the end, more are being developed

Live Content Sync

Keep your app content in sync with your website in real-time with Appilix's automatic live content synchronization feature.

Customizable Splash Screen

Create a striking first impression by easily customizing your app's splash screen with personalized background images and logos.

Push Notifications

Engage and inform your app users with push notifications sent from the Appilix Control Panel, integrated with Firebase for seamless delivery.

Resource Caching

Optimize user experience with lightning-fast app exploration through Appilix's resource caching functionality for quick and efficient content access.

Revenue Generation

Generate revenue from your app by seamlessly connecting Admob and displaying ads to maximize monetization opportunities.

Uploads & Downloads

Enable native file upload and download functionality in your app, allowing users to manage files with Appilix's built-in File Manager permission.

Camera, Microphone & Location

Effortlessly handle camera, microphone, and location permissions within your app using Appilix, ensuring smooth integration with website features.

Custom CSS & JS

Enhance your app's aesthetics and functionality with Custom CSS styles and JavaScript code integration. Tailor your app's appearance and behavior for a unique user experience.

App Bar

Elevate your app's user interface with a fully customizable App Bar or Toolbar. Create a seamless and branded app experience by placing essential navigation and actions at your users' fingertips.

Navigation Drawer

Provide users with effortless navigation using a dynamic Navigation Drawer. Offer quick access to menus and essential app sections, ensuring a fluid and engaging experience that mimics a native app.

Bottom Navigation

Enhance user experience by featuring a convenient and intuitive Bottom Navigation menu in your app. Streamline access to key sections and actions, ensuring a user-friendly and engaging mobile experience.

Fast & Lightweight

Experience fast and responsive apps with Appilix's optimized coding structure, delivering lightweight performance aligned with your website's speed.


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