Last Modified: February 13, 2024

Ongoing Updates

More new form features are being developed.

  • Deep linking: allows to launch any url of the website for which the app is built directly in the app.

  • Admob Interstitial Ads: allows to add admob interstitial ad unit to display full screen ads in the app to generate more revenue.

13 February 2024

Minor issues has been fixed and SDK has been updated.

  • Issue on Notification Clicked Redirection URL: Previously, sometimes, the Custom URL that should be displayed on notification clicked, was not working or working with a delay. This issue has been fixed.

  • iOS SDK updated in App Builder: As from April 29, 2024, all iOS and iPadOS apps must be built with the iOS 17 SDK or later, all of our iOS App Builders have been updated with latest SDK.

02 February 2024

Additional customization settings have been developed.

  • Status Bar Design in Splash Screen: Now a different status bar design can be added in the Splash Screen separately.

23 January 2024

Existing features has been updated to fix several issues.

  • Fixed Status Bar design in iOS App: Issue on changing status bar background color and icon color in iOS App has been fixed.

  • Fixed Unexpected Error Display in iOS App: Issue on showing error page sometimes unexpectedly in iOS App has been fixed.

  • Replaced File Download Notification: File download notification does not work in all devices, specially in iOS. So the feature has been updated with showing popup notification inside the app when download is started or finished.

  • Custom Link or Text Share Feature Introduced: Feature to share a link or text from website or navigation menu item has been introduced. Any URL with the custom scheme appilix-share:// will open share popup. i.e. <a href="appilix-share://link_or_text_to_share">Share Link</a> will open OS share popup to share the link or text with other apps.

14 December 2023

New customization functionalities have been added in several modules.

  • Customization in Navigation Drawer: Now the background color of the drawer can be changed. Also drawer menu items text color & icon color can be customized.

  • Customization in App Bar: Font size of the App Bar's title text can be modified now.

09 December 2023

New functionality has been added to enter into the next level in notification sending.

  • Push Notification API: allows to send notification directly from your website to users on dynamic events.

02 December 2023

Few issues raised from some of our users have been fixed and introduced new feature for endless possibilities.

  • Push Notification Issue in iOS: Issue in receiving Push Notification in iOS app when the app is terminated by OS or User has been fixed.

  • Push Notification to Specific User: Now Push Notifications can be sent to all app users or specific app user at a time.

18 November 2023

Few issues raised from some of our users have been fixed to make the Android or iOS app more compatible.

  • Responsiveness Issue in some websites: Websites those use caching technology and have elements depending on screen size, faced issues to render sometime. This issue has been fixed.

  • One Notification Display Issue: In Push Notification, when a new notification is received, the previous one was getting removed. It has been solved and now all the notification will be in the Notification Tray until they are cleared or actioned.

05 November 2023

New advanced settings have been added to provide backend level modification to iOS App.

  • Camera Usage Description: Message in Info.plist file to display to the user when the app asks for permission to access the camera.

  • Microphone Usage Description: Message in Info.plist file to display to the user when the app asks for permission to access the microphone.

  • Location Usage Description: Message in Info.plist file to display to the user when the app asks for permission to access the location.

22 October 2023

New customization setting has been developed in the Firebase Push Notification module.

  • Custom Notification Icon: Functionality to choose custom one-colored notification icon that will be displayed in the Android status bar on notification received.

19 October 2023

Improvement has been made in the app builder to have latest app building techniques.

  • Adaptive App Logo: Android App Logo will be automatically squared or circled according to device theme's criteria using Adaptive icon technology. All latest builds from now will have this feature included. Rebuilding old apps will also get this feature.

29 September 2023

New functionalities have been introduced to provide best web to app conversion.

  • Allow Opening Popup Window: Enable to allow the app to open popup window. This is necessary for some sites having popup related functionality.

  • App Specific Password to upload IPA in App Store: If the IPA is not uploaded automatically due to restriction or security in your Apple Developer Account, you can now change the upload method to "App Specific Password" and Appilix will make sure to upload the IPA to App Store.

20 September 2023

iOS subscription plan is live now! Now not only Android, you can convert your website into an iOS app using Appilix and publish the app to App Store. This is the new beginning of a journey to convert website into app for multiple platforms.

18 September 2023

New integration modules and customization settings have been added to provide more native app functionality in the app.

  • App Bar: Display an customizable App Bar or Toolbar at the top of your app to give complete flavor of real app.

  • Navigation Drawer: Display a navigation drawer with quick access menu in your app to give complete flavor of real app.

  • Exit App Confirmation on Double Back Press: Enable double back press to exit app confirmation popup in the app to provide easy exit feature to users.

13 September 2023

New integration module system has been added to show customized website content in app.

  • Custom CSS & JS: Add custom CSS style or Javascript codes that will only work in the app to bring extra customization.

08 August 2023

Some issues have been fixed and improved. More customization settings have been introduced.

  • Blob File Download: Issue on downloading files those were in blob format has been fixed.

  • Improved In-App File Download Technique: New and advanced tools has been integrated to handle in-app file downloading.

  • Banner Ad Appearance: Setting to display Admob banner ad over the website content or below has been developed.

  • Error Screen Button Text: Setting to change the default Try Again button text has been introduced.

31 July 2023

New integration module system has been added to make the app look way more better.

  • Bottom Navigation: allows display a quick navigation menu on the bottom of the app to improve user experience.

16 July 2023

New features have been developed and new integration module system has been introduced.

  • Allow Text Selection: allows to enable or disable text selection and copying texts of the site in the app.

  • Allow Screenshot or Screen recording: allows to enable or disable taking screenshot or record the screen when the app is opened.

  • Integration Modules: system to easily control advanced functionality like Splash Screen, Push Notification, Admob or other upcoming features to be used in the app.

05 July 2023

Several existing issues has been fixed and new functionalities have been added to make the app more efficient.

  • Disallowed sites from opening inside app has been added to easily open facebook, whatsapp or other links in their default app or device's default browser.

  • Issues on file downloading on some apps where download requires users to be logged-in has been fixed.

  • Mixed content mode has been added to fix loading sites those have https:// protocol but some resources have http:// protocol.

  • Hybrid composition has been enabled to make the app usages more smooth.

22 June 2023

Whole Appilix system has been updated with bunch of new features and improved performance.

  • Fast App Loading: Now apps won't be slow anymore and will be as fast as the website is. For this, now app building waiting time has been increased to 10 minutes.

  • Latest SDK and Libraries: Complete app has been re-developed with all latest and up-to-dates libraries.

  • Splash Screen Background Image: Set background image on your Splash Screen to make it look more attractive.

  • App Orientation: Force your app to be used in portrait or landscape mode.

  • Fullscreen App: enable to run the app in fullscreen mode, no status bar will be visible then.

  • Content Zooming: enable to allow app users to zoom the content of the App.

  • In-app File Downloading: allows to download file directly inside the app without transferring them to browser.

12 August 2021

New features has been added to make you reach more to your users and also earn revenue from ads.

  • Firebase Push Notification: Integrate Firebase to send Push Notifications to all app users without any limitations.

  • Admob Banner Ads: Display own Admob Banner Ads in the app to generate revenue when app users click on them.

02 June 2021

In this update, Appilix changed it's vision and not only targeting WordPress sites, it covered all public website to be converted into Android App. Anyne can simply enter their website address, choose app name, upload app logo and build the app to publish into Google Play Store.

01 March 2021

This is the initial release of Appilix. In this release, Appilix started it's journey with the moto to convert any WordPress Blog into an Android App. This release Drag & Drop Powerful App Builder with simple app functionality.